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LexisNexis Academic: Search Tips: LexisNexis Academic: News Searching

Focusing Your Searching


1. Search by Content Type.

If you select “Foreign Language News,”enter your search terms in the language of the news source. 




 2.  After you’ve made a selection, click on Advanced Options




3. Use the features you need

Date   It’s easy to create a date range

Build Your Own Segment Search  You can get really specific if you want to by having your terms searched in specific parts of the article. The segments depend on the content type you select.  For "All News" some of the choices include:

Byline (search a name, but as the writer of the article)

Lead (so the story should be more relevant)


Wildcards in LexisNexis Academic

!    more than one letter at the end of the term  Example:  driv! finds driver, driving

*    replaces one letter  Example: wom*n    Lexis Nexis automatically searches singular and plural forms


 Words closer together should be more relevant.

w/5 within 5 words     Example:  texting w/5 driving

w/p within same paragraph    Example:  driving w/p attention


Source Type

          Major World Publications

University Newspapers


Article Type

            Editorials & Opinions

            Different types of reviews (Book, Movie, Music, Restaurant, Theatre)




4.  Click Apply and your search will be pasted into the search box.

5. Click Search to run the search


LexisNexis Academic also has some guides for typical uses in searching for News, Current Events, Legislation and Supreme Court Cases

Handout for printing