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NIH Public Access Policy: Link My NCBI and eRA Commons Accounts

Information on the NIH Public Access Policy

Create New My NCBI Account

If you do not have a My NCBI account, you will need to create one. Principal Investigators and PD's must use My NCBI's "My Bibliography" tool to manage their professional bibliographies (as of July 23, 2010, see the full notice here).

Start in PubMed

From the top right corner, click 'Sign In to NCBI'

Note: If you already have a Google account, NIH login, or NIH eRA Commons account, you can log in with those rather than creating an entirely new account. Signing in through a partner organization will automatically sync your My NCBI Account, so the easiest option is to sign in via your NIH & eRA Commons account.

My NCBI Homepage Video Overview

Link My NCBI and eRA Commons Accounts

If you already have a My NCBI Account, you will need to link your account to your eRA Commons account.

  • Log into My NCBI
  • Click on your login name in the top right
  • Under 'Linked Accounts', click the 'Change' button
  • From the list of 'Login Account Options', scroll down and choose 'NIH & eRA Commons' and then log into your eRA Commons account (see picture below).

If You Encounter Errors

If you receive an error message when trying to link accounts, you may have already linked too many accounts. You will need to contact NCBI directly to have them manually link your eRA Commons account with your current My NCBI account.


Include in your email the following:

  • MyNCBI username
  • eRA Commons username
  • Email address