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Did You Know?

The average student should budget $1250 a year for books and supplies. 

- College Board

66% of students have chosen not to purchase a textbook because it was too expensive.

- Chronicle of Higher Education

Over the past decade, textbook prices have risen at over three times the rate of inflation.

Student PIRGs 

On average, the cost of a new edition of a textbook is 12% higher than the previous one.

Student PIRGs

Just 5 textbook publishers control more than 80% of the 8.8 billion dollar market. 

Student PIRGs



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CC Attribution

What Are Open Educational Resources?

  • Open Educational Resources are educational materials offered freely and openly for anyone to use.
  • Most licenses allow resources to be shared, remixed or customized for your class.
  • Open educational resources include textbooks, full courses, course materials, modules, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other resources used to support access to knowledge.

OER Impact

Large-scale open education initiatives have been successfully implemented at many institutions. See for example: