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Open Educational Resources: Literature

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Survey of American Literature I

"This course is a survey of American Literature from 1650 through 1820. It covers Early American and Puritan Literature, Enlightenment Literature, and Romantic Literature. It teaches in the context of American History and introduces the student to literary criticism and research." (lumen learning)

Survey of American Literature II

"Examines American literary works from the late-nineteenth century to the present, emphasizing the ideas and characteristics of American national literature. Involves critical reading and writing." (lumen learning)

Oral Literature in Africa

This text is made to teach the study and appreciation of African Oral literature and is accompanied by recordings of stories and songs freely available to the public.

Outline of American Literature

This text covers American Literature from the Colonial period through contemporary American literature. 

Survey of English Literature I

"Examines major British texts from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 18th century, emphasizing the ideas and characteristics of the British literary tradition. Involves critical reading and writing." (lumen learning) - Writing intensive.

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