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Open Educational Resources: Marketing

Top Picks

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective

This text discusses how technology is used to communicate or transact with stakeholders, how organizations must change to take advantage of electronic commerce, and how electronic commerce must be integrated into organizational strategy.

Legal Aspects of Marketing and Sales

"This textbook provides context and essential concepts across the entire range of legal issues with which managers and business executives must grapple. The text provides the vocabulary and legal acumen necessary for businesspeople to talk in an educated way to their customers, employees, suppliers, [and] government officials" (preface)

eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing

This text is designed to teach students the wide range of strategies which leads to successful eMarketing. The text focuses heavily on a user-centric approach and cohesive approaches to different strategies.

Social Marketing

"This OpenLearn course examines the nature of social marketing and how the adoption of marketing concepts, frameworks and techniques developed for commercial marketers can be applied to the solution of social problems. Primarily, social marketing aims to effect behavioural change in the pursuit of social goals and objectives, as opposed to financial or other objectives." (

Core Concepts of Marketing

"Determining and satisfying the needs of costumers through products that have value and accessibility and whose features are clearly communicated if the general purpose of any business. It is also a fundamental definition of marketing. This text introduces students to the marketing strategies and tools that practitioners use to market their products." (Burnett)

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