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ARTH 546: Buddhist Art in East Asia (Prof. Wangwright, Fall 2017): Getting Started

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Welcome to the Thomas Cooper Library subject guide for ARTH 546: Buddhist Art in East Asia!  This guide covers resources and services available from the Thomas Cooper Library.

Please use the tabs above to learn about quality resources for your research.

Constructing a Keyword Search

AND both terms must be present             art AND buddhist

OR either term may be present               women OR females

* truncation, finds characters beyond the root word (some databases have other symbols)

      chin* will find china as well as chinese


Pay attention to subject terms or descriptors located in library catalog and article database bibliographic records.  These terms will give you ideas for other keywords. Also, you can click on the subject terms or descriptors to find like information or use them in a subject search.  


Sometimes less is more.  If your search has a lot of aspects to it, focus on a few of the most important concepts.



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