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Journalism & Mass Communications: Visual Comm.

This guide provides resources for research in Journalism & Mass Communications.

Recent Titles Relating to Visual Communications

For more books like those below, try a subject search in the library catalog for terms such as: visual communication, communication in design, photojournalism, magazine design, graphic arts, etc.

Key Journals

Searching for Articles

To search for articles in this field, you will want to try searching in Communication & Mass Media Complete and pair topics you are searching for with subject terms such as visual communication, digital media, information design, visual arts, etc.  

For example, if you are looking for articles on the use of visual communications in magazines you could do a search where you change the first search box's search field to SU Subject Terms, add visual communication in the first box and then link it with the keyword "magazine" in the second box (leaving the search field to read "Select A Field (Optional)").  If you are having trouble finding results using the Subject Terms field, simply change it back to a "Select A Field (Optional)" search and see if that helps expand your results.