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Bloomberg Guide: Bloomberg Keyboard

Basic guidance on navigating the Bloomberg Terminal, including information on Bloomberg Essentials (aka Bloomberg certification)

RED Keys

RED keys are STOP keys.

CONN/DEFAULT Log in/Log out
CANCEL/Esc   Cancel a command


GREEN keys are action keys.

GO/Enter Press after each command to run function
MENU Return to previous screen
BACK/Pg Up Scroll backward in a multi-page screen
FWD/Pg Dn Scroll forward in a multi-page screen
HELP Press twice to chat real-time with Bloomberg Help
PRINT Print a one-page screen

Bloomberg Keyboard


YELLOW keys correspond to market sectors.

LAW F1 Global law and regulation, litigation, legal analysis, news, etc.
GOVT F2 Securities issued by national governments and securites by quasi-governmental agencies
CORP F3 Corporate bonds
MTGE F4 Mortgage market instruments
M-MKT F5 Money market securities
MUNI F6 U.S. Municipal bonds
PFD F7 Preferred securities
EQUITY F8 Common stocks, American Depository Receipts (ADRs), mutual funds, rights, options, warrants
CMDTY F9 Commodites & associated futures and options
INDEX F10 Equity indices and economic indices
CRNCY   F11 Foreign currencies
F12 Portfolio & Risk Management


For additional information on each sector, press the yellow function key, and then press <GO> for the main menu.