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Bloomberg Guide: Quick Tips

Basic guidance on navigating the Bloomberg Terminal, including information on Bloomberg Essentials (aka Bloomberg certification)


Don't understand a financial term used by Bloomberg?

Use HL <GO> to look up definitions

HELP from Bloomberg

Type in the function or name you are searching, then press HELP once for more information.

Press HELP twice to start a Live Help Chat session with a Bloomberg representative.

The two documents below offer different guidance from Bloomberg on getting started and commands.

Navigating Bloomberg


If you are unsure of where you are within the Bloomberg system, you can type the letters MAIN and then press <GO> to get you back to the main menu screen.

To move higher up in a hierarchy of an area, press the MENU key.

Type LAST <GO> to display the last 8 functions accessed; click or press a number to go back to one of them.

TIP: Always be sure that the cursor is in the upper left hand corner before typing in a command unless a text box is provided.

Switch between screens:

Press PANEL key or click on the inactive screen.

Emailing from Bloomberg

Email Screen:

Enter GRAB <GO> to email the screen to you as a screenshot.


Click on Export from the top menu bar, then select Grab.

Email data copied and pasted in Excel:

Enter PFM <GO>, then click on Compose

More Tips

Bloomberg Cheatsheets:

Enter CHEA <GO>

Other useful tips:

Helpful Keys

Screen Panels

The Bloomberg Panels allow you to work with multiple functions at once, and each panel is divided into 4 main sections: 

  1. Toolbar
  2. Command Line
  3. Function Area
  4. Information Panel

Broad Perspectives

TOP <GO> Today's top business and general news headlines
READ <GO> Most read news stories
N <GO> Main news menu
ECO <GO> Displays a calendar of economic releases
IM <GO> Menu of treasury/money market and international bond monitors
WEI <GO> World equity indices
WB <GO> World government bonds
FXIP <GO> Foreign exchange information platform
IRSM <GO> Interest rate and credit derivatives
EVTS <GO> Displays events and earnings announcement calendar
MOST <GO> Monitor most active stocks
IBQ <GO> More than 65 industry overviews
EQS <GO> Scan Bloomberg Equity information to find companies that match your criteria

Additional Tips & Information

Use Bloomberg for lifestyle information, such as viewing flight schedules, checking weather, and finding a good restaurant. Try the functions below:

MUSE <GO>   Arts and culture
DINE <GO> Restaurant search and reviews
Classified ads
Bloomberg Sports Menu
FLY <GO> Flight Schedules
WEAT <GO> Regional weather forecasts
Ease of use tips and shortcuts
Bloomberg Career Center
People search
Bloomberg data and calculations in Excel