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Bloomberg Guide: Bloomberg Essentials (aka Certification)

Basic guidance on navigating the Bloomberg Terminal, including information on Bloomberg Essentials (aka Bloomberg certification)

What is Bloomberg Essentials (BESS)?

Bloomberg Essentials (BESS) is often referred to as a Bloomberg Certification.

Bloomberg has enabled students to demonstrate their knowledge and skill when it comes to the product by offering training and proof through its 'certification' program. After completing certain training and exam requirements, Bloomberg will issue you a number and certificate that will provide evidence of your accomplishment, which is a noteworthy achievement to include on your resume.

Requirements for Certification:

Complete 5 out of 8 sessions offered by Bloomberg

*4 Core Videos are required and then you can select one other Market Sector Video

Core Videos (all 4 required)

Market Sector Videos (select one)

Getting Started

Equity Essentials

Bloomberg News

Fixed Income Essentials

Market Monitors and Launchpad

Foreign Exchange (FX) Essentials


Commodity Essentials


Other useful information:

  • We have headsets if you need to borrow them.


HELP HELP - click the HELP key twice (upper left, keyboard) and chat live with Bloomberg Support.

Email the Business Library

Acknowledgement of Completion

To obtain your certificate:

BESS <GO>; then select 6 <GO>. Your certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format within 2 weeks of the request. No paper hard copies are mailed.

Starting Bloomberg Essentials Training

You must create your own Bloomberg user ID and login. If you use the USC login information beside the terminal, you will not receive credit towards your training.


  1. Launch Bloomberg
  2. Press the CONN/DEFAULT key on the upper right on keyboard
  3. When the username/password option appears, select the link to create a new user.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name and create a username/password. Bloomberg must validate you before you can proceed. Choose how you want to receive your validation code: SMS Text Message is the preferred option using your mobile phone.
  5. Once you receive your validation code, enter it into Bloomberg; once it is successfully received, you may be prompted to complete a few additional informational questions.
  6. Each time you use Bloomberg to take a session, you will need to login using your personal username/password;

Videos and Exams


  1. Type BESS <GO> in the upper left corner. This takes you to the online training program screen.
  2. Begin with 2) "Getting Started" - to complete the 4 Core Videos.
  3. Next select one of the Market Sector Videos to watch. After completing the fifth video you will be able to begin the exams.


  1. Enter BESS <GO>; then select 6 <GO>
  2. You must make 75% or greater on each exam to pass.

    Note: You are allowed to re-take exams once by contacting the Help Desk.

    TIP: Take advantage of the double screens while taking an exam. It is highly recommended that you begin the exams as soon as possible after watching the videos.


Where do I complete the training?

  • On the Bloomberg Terminal located in the Thomas Cooper Library
  • On any of the Bloomberg Terminals located in the Trading Room at DMSB

Is there a charge?

  • The program is free of charge to USC students.

How long will it take to complete the program?

  • Approximately 5 hours total
  • Most videos last 30-40 minutes, and each exam may take at least 30 minutes

How do I get started?

  • Create a personal name and password (more info in the box to the left)

Is there a time limit?

  • At this time, Bloomberg does not require that you complete the training program within a set timeframe.

How are the exams structured?

  • Content from the 4 Core Videos will be covered in one exam
  • Content from your chosen Market Sector Video will be covered in the other
  • Each exam contains about 30 questions.

What score is required to pass an exam?

  • You must make 75% or higher on each exam to pass.

Can I retake an exam?

  • You may retake each exam one time.

What if I must leave while taking an exam?

  • The exam will be saved under your login, but it is recommended that you complete it within 24 hours.

How do I request my Acknowledgement of Completion certificate?

  • Type 6 <GO> from the Bloomberg Essentials menu (more details in the box on the left).