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Primary Sources: Microform Collections

This guide aims to help you identify common types of primary sources in the University Libraries’ collections and those that are freely available on the Internet. It doesn't cover finding source material in other museums, libraries or other collections


Major Collections on Microfilm

Library's Major microfilm collections and accompanying finding aids

Library's Historical newspaper collections

Other collections not listed on the web page include (links go to catalog record only):
American Women's Diaries, Southern Women
Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration
Furniture Library Collection
Harvard Reading Textbooks
Negro Periodicals in the United States
Records of Ante Bellum Plantations from the Revolution Through the Civil War
Russian Revolutionary Literature
Sears Roebuck and Sears Christmas Catalogs
Sotheby Catalogues
Southern Tenant Farmers Union Records
Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century
Trade Catalogues at Winterthur
Underground Newspaper Collection
Women's Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library

Value of a Finding Aid

Finding aids may index the collection by title, author, and/or subject or other ways. They help you find individual items within the entire collection.

Individual Contents of a Microfilm Collection

Sometimes the catalog lists the entire collection, but not the individual pieces within a collection. If the individual items are 'analyzed' in the catalog, you can do a keyword search to search within a collection.

"history of women" and birth control finds items with the phrase birth control from the History of Women collection
furniture library collection and louis xiv finds items with Louis XIV from the Furniture Library collection

Subject Guide

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