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UofSC Topics: Find Books

This guide directs you to sources of information about the university as well as resources to investigate topics in a higher education setting.

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If the library does not have a book you need, we have services available to help you get it.

Find Books in UofSC Libraries



There are materials in University Archives and Thomas Cooper Library about the University of South Carolina.  You may want to try an advanced keyword search with "University of South Carolina" searched as part of the subject, then add some of your own topic words.

Some subject searches:

University of South Carolina--History               University of South Carolina--Buildings

University of South Carolina--Students            University of South Carolina--Parking


You may also want to consult with the University Archivist


Don't overlook searching for your topic beyond the context of USC.

Browse the list of subjects:   

    Universities and colleges

    Education, Higher


 campus violence     college students
 universities and security    african american college students
  minority college students
  minorities education higher


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