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Children's Literature: Find Books

This guide will help with identifying and locating materials related to children's and young adult literature by using the resources available at Thomas Cooper Library

Browsing the Juvenile Collection

Books in the Juvenile Collection are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system, so their call numbers are similar to most of the books in Thomas Cooper Library.  For example, if there is a children’s book on the Revolutionary War, its call number will start with an E, and look something like E 275 .A2 S36 2004, just like a book that would be found on Level 2. 

Get some ideas on what call letters represent your chosen topic here.

*Note: Fiction books in the Juvenile Collection are the exception to the rules and have their own Library of Congress classifications which include some of the following:

PZ 7 – Most children’s and young adult fiction is organized starting with this call number and is placed in order by the author’s last name.

PZ 8, PZ8.1, Pz8.2  traditional fairy tales, folklore, fables

PZ 10.3 – Animal stories

Finding Children's Books by Topic

Classic Catalog Search
Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search

If you don't have a particular title or author in mind, add sucz into your keyword search.  It's a code for the juvenile collection in Thomas Cooper Library.

Here are some searches for some types of children's books.  The searches include sucz as part of the search to limit Thomas Cooper Library's circulating collection of children's books.

        Stories without words

        Picture books


If you want to search in other libraries, try using the word juvenile in your search.  Often children's books have the term juvenile literature or juvenile fiction as part of the subject.

Nearby Collections

Order Books

If the library does not have a book you need, we have services available to help you get it.