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Historical South Carolina Newspapers: Front Pages of S.C. Newspapers

Delve into the rich content of historical South Carolina newspapers dating from 1836 to 1922 through suggested topics, important dates, interesting articles, and tips for searching.

Front Pages

Browse front pages from each of the South Carolina titles available through Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.
To see more from each title, either click on the image or the newspaper title.

The banner
(Abbeville, S.C., 1844-1847)

The Abbeville banner
(Abbeville, S.C., 1847-1869)

The independent press
(Abbeville C.H., S.C., 1853-1860)

Abbeville press
(Abbeville, S.C., 1860-1869)

The Abbeville bulletin
(Abbeville, S.C., 1865)

The Abbeville press and banner
(Abbeville, S.C., 1869-1924)

The Abbeville messenger
(Abbeville, S.C., 1884-1887)

The Anderson intelligencer
(Anderson, S.C., 1860-1914)

The Anderson intelligencer
(Anderson, S.C., 1914-1917)

The Anderson daily intelligencer
(Anderson, S.C., 1914-1915)

The intelligencer
(Anderson, S.C., 1915-1917)

The Bamberg herald
(Bamberg, S.C., 1891-1972)

The Charleston daily news
(Charleston, S.C., 1865-1873)

South Carolina leader
(Charleston, S.C., 1865-18??)

The Charleston advocate
(Charleston, S.C., 1867-1868)

The free press
(Charleston, S.C., 1868-186?)

Missionary record
(Charleston, S.C., 1868-1879)

The Afro-American citizen
(Charleston, S.C., 1899-1902)

 The Manning times
(Manning, S.C., 1884-present)

Edgefield advertiser
(Edgefield, S.C., 1836-present)

The Fairfield herald
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1849-1876)

The Daily news
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1865)

The Fairfield courier
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1865)

The tri-weekly news
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1865-1876)

The news and herald
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1876-1881)

The news and herald
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1877-1900)

The Fairfield news and herald
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1881-1900)

The news and herald
(Winnsboro, S.C., 1901-1982)

The Georgetown planet
(Georgetown, S.C., 1873-1875)

The Camden journal
(Camden, S.C., 1836-1851)

Semiweekly Camden journal
(Camden, S.C., 1851-1852)

Camden journal
(Camden, S.C., 1852)

The Camden weekly journal
(Camden, S.C., 1853-1862)

The Camden journal
(Camden, S.C., 1864)

The Camden daily journal
(Camden, S.C., 1864)

The Camden confederate
(Camden, S.C., 1861-1865)

Journal and confederate
(Camden, S.C., 1865)

The tri-weekly journal
(Camden, S.C., 1865)

The weekly journal
(Camden, S.C., 1865)

The Camden weekly journal
(Camden, S.C., 1865-1871)

The Camden journal
(Camden, S.C., 1866-1891)

The Laurens advertiser
(Laurens, S.C., 1885-1973)

The Marlboro democrat
(Bennettsville, S.C., 1882-1908)

The Marlboro democrat
(Bennettsville, S.C., 1911)

The tri-weekly herald
(Newberry, S.C., 1865)

The weekly herald
(Newberry, S.C., 1865)

The Newberry weekly herald
(Newberry, S.C., 1865)

The Newberry herald
(Newberry, S.C., 1865-1884)

The daily herald bulletin
(Newberry, S.C., 1879)

The Newberry herald and news
(Newberry, S.C., 1884-1903)

The herald and news
(Newberry, S.C., 1903-1937)

The Orangeburg news
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1867-1875)

Orangeburg times
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1872-1875)

Orangeburg news and times
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1875-1877)

Orangeburg times
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1877-1881)

The Orangeburg democrat
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1879-1881)

The times and democrat
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1881-present)

The free citizen
(Orangeburg, S.C., 1874-1876)

Keowee courier
(Pickens, S.C.,1849-present)

The Pickens sentinel
(Pickens, S.C., 1871-1903)

The Easley messenger
(Easley, S.C., 1883-1891)

The people's journal
(Pickens, S.C., 1891-1903)

The Pickens sentinel-journal
(Pickens, S.C., 1903-1906)

The sentinel-journal
(Pickens, S.C., 1906-1909)

The Pickens sentinel-journal
(Pickens, S.C., 1909-1911)

The Pickens sentinel
(Pickens, S.C., 1911-current)

Columbia phoenix
(Columbia, S.C., 1865

Columbia phoenix
(Columbia, S.C., 1865)

The Columbia daily phoenix
(Columbia, S.C., 1865)

The daily phoenix
(Columbia, S.C., 1865-1878)

Tri-weekly phoenix
(Columbia, S.C., 1865-1875)

Straight-out democrat
(Columbia, S.C., 1878-1879)

The people's recorder
(Columbia, S.C., 1893-1925)

The Southern indicator
(Columbia, S.C., 1903-1925)

The Sumter banner
(Sumterville, S.C., 1846-1855)

The Sumter watchman
(Sumter, S.C., 1855-1881)

The watchman and southron
(Sumter, S.C., 1881-1930)

The Rock Hill messenger
(Rock Hill, S.C., 1896-1921)