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Historical South Carolina Newspapers: South Carolina History Articles & Topics

Delve into the rich content of historical South Carolina newspapers dating from 1836 to 1922 through suggested topics, important dates, interesting articles, and tips for searching.

Browse digitized newspapers

Browse a few of the front pages of historical South Carolina newspapers. Click on the image to view that newspaper title in Chronicling America.




Browse selected articles in historical S.C. newspapers from Chronicling America

Use the arrows on either side of the Flipbook to scroll back and forth through articles. Select Details in the upper right of the Article title, to open a window with more information and a link to the article in Chronicling America. Also, you can view articles in Timeline, List, and Map Views.

Topics in S.C. History

These topic guides provide a launching pad for you to begin exploring primary source content in historical South Carolina newspapers in Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Each page provides important dates, suggested search terms and strategies, and a sample articles related to that particular topic. Use any of these tools to explore each topic further on your own within Chronicling America. You can select the links below to view topics, or select topics from the dropdown box under this S.C. History Topics tab.

To view topics guides that cover a variety of American history topics, visit Topics in Chronicling America.