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Using Databases and E-Journals: Finding An Article From a Citation

Helpful instructions and tips for accessing and utilizing the library's electronic resources.

Locating an article by citation

If you have the full citation of an article you can locate it through Full Text Finder.  Sample Citation: Kubai, A. (2007). Walking a Tightrope: Christians and Muslims in Post-Genocide Rwanda. Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations, 18(2), 219-235. 

When you search for the journal's title in Full Text Finder you will be returned either a page that says that we do not have electronic holdings of the title, or you will see the title followed by a list of links to the journal's online holdings.  If no links to holdings appear, then try searching the library catalog to check if we have the title in print.  If still no luck, contact a librarian and we can help you from there. 

Once you search for the journal's title, you will have at least one option that will link you to our online holdings of the journal.  If there is more than one option, make sure to choose the one that has dates of coverage that your citation fits within.


Once you have selected the correct volume and issue, you then simply keep following the article's citation and locate the article's page numbers and/ or title from the following screen.