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Educational Films Collection: Streaming Films & Blackboard

Guide to help use the Educational Films Collection

Link Builder

Use this to add the Library's proxy prefix to the URL you have for library material.  This will allow off-campus students access.

Slingbox Films to the Classroom

Due to the changing technology available in the University classrooms, it is not always possible to show a film.  Using a Slingbox device connected to a VCR in the Educational Film office we can give you the ability to play a film in your classroom through the internet.  You would control the player just as if it was in the classroom with you. 

Film Suggestions

If you know of a new film that you would like us to add to the collection please send an e-mail including the following information that will help me find the film.

  • Title
  • Director
  • Release year
  • Any other relevant information