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Educational Films Collection: Searching Films

Guide to help use the Educational Films Collection

Tips for Searching

Search by Keyword- The best way to search for a DVD is by using a variety of keyword searches not a subject search.

Search by Author- Use the Author search to find a specific director or actor's body of work.

Educational Films Database

Please use our Educational Films Database to search for films by genre, production date and director. It includes film-specific genres such as “Feature Documentary”, “Academy Award Winner” and “Comedy”.

Classic Catalog Search

Classic Catalog Search
Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search

Quick Search E-Video Content

Chinese Film Collection

Film Suggestions

If you know of a new film that you would like us to add to the collection please send an e-mail including the following information that will help me find the film.

  • Title
  • Director
  • Release year
  • Any other relevant information