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Company Financial Statements: Private & Non-Profit

Use this guide to find financial statements for all types of organizations--U.S., international, public, private, etc.

PrivCo-Private Companies

3 Ways to Search:

  • Basic search
  • Quick Private Company Screener
  • Advanced Search

1. Basic Search- Simply enter the company name in the search box in the top right corner of the screen

2. Quick Private Company Screener- Select companies by Location, Industry, and/or Annual Revenues

3. Advanced Search- Allows searching by additional criteria, such as total employees and employee growth rate

Video on Private Company Information

This video walks through examples of how to find company information on private companies by using the 'How to Find Company Information' flowchart developed by Business Information Services at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Financial Information on Non-Profits

Hoovers-Private Companies


1. From HOME screen, select VIEW MORE CRITERIA under the Build a List box.

2. In the next screen, expand the COMPANY INFORMATION box and select the box by "Non-Public" under Ownership Type.

3. Select VIEW RESULTS and a list of all private companies in the database will result.

4. After you choose the company, select the FINANCIALS drop-down menu from Company Index box to select a specific financial statement OR
scroll down Company Report to VIEW FULL FINANCIALS in the Financial section