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Robert Burns & 18th Century Scotland: Other Burns Links

A rapid reference guide to online and other sources about Robert Burns

On-line periodicals

Some important periodicals (such as Scottish Literary Review) require subscriptions for online access, but the ones below are free:

Some Robert Burns Web-sites

This section covers general-interest sites, and some Burns research projects, but see also the links for organizations and Burns museums:

Some Burns Museums & Research Collections

Other major library-based research collections include the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the G. Ross Roy Collection at the University of South Carolina.

Burns's Birthplace

The cottage in Alloway, near Ayr, built by Robert Burns's father William Burnes, where Burns was born, January 25, 1759.

Some Burns Organizations and Scholarly Societies

Most Burns organizations are not solely for academic study, though membership will include many individuals with great in-depth knowledge of Burns's works and life: