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HIST 498: Inside Nazi Germany: Find Primary Sources

Search for primary and secondary sources for your research paper

Historical Newspapers

Search for contemporary news coverage of events in Germany from major world newspapers:


Catalog Search Strategies

Search strategies to use in the USC Library Catalog and other library catalogs specifically to identify primary source collections and related items.

Classic Catalog Search

Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search


1. Author Search

If you know the name of an individual or an organization, try searching it as the author in the library catalog. Type in a personal name in inverted order (last name followed by first name). Names of organizations are entered in the direct order of the name.

2. Keyword Search

Try some of these terms along with topic words to find different types of sources:

anecdotes   documentary films   personal narratives
archives   documentary photography         pictorial works
biography   early works to 1800   portraits
caricatures and cartoons         interviews   public opinion
case studies   manuscripts   speeches
comic books, strips   notebooks   songs and music
correspondence   pamphlets   sources
description and travel   periodicals   statistics
diaries     social life

Online Collections