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EndNote Desktop: An Introduction: Syncing with Online

Syncing Desktop with Online

Syncing your Desktop EndNote with EndNote online allows you to access your resources from any computer.

Before you sync, create a back-up to your EndNote library!

1.  Create your EndNote online account.  You will need to remember the password. It is recommended that you create a compressed backup copy of your EndNote Library before you sync.  You can create an EndNote online account by following the prompts from the sync button on your toolbar or setting it up through the library's Web of Science database. 

2.  In your EndNote Online, you will see all of your references but not your group sets. 

3.  To access your EndNote Online, go to:

4.  Please note, changes many in any synced library will be made in all synced libraries. For example, if you delete a reference in a synced EndNote online library, it will be deleted in all synced libraries ... including the Desktop EndNote library.