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Scholarly Communication: Workshops

Guide to scholarly communication

Scholarly Communication Workshops Offered

Please use the registration calendar on your right to select and register for workshops.

Free Textbooks! (Open Educational Resources)

Are you concerned about the rising costs of textbooks? Has the performance of your students been affected by their ability to purchase course materials?

This workshop is designed to help USC faculty, as well as graduate students who teach, discover and evaluate free and low cost materials for use in their classroom.

Copyright for the Classroom

You'll feel more comfortable using copyrighted material when you know what you can and can’t do. Come explore how to use copyrighted materials in instruction, including posting copyrighted materials to Blackboard. We will also discuss the practical application of "Fair Use" and examine how the library can assist you with posting materials for your class.

Predatory Publishing

Predatory publishers present themselves as reputable and exciting publishers but are difficult to recognize. These publishers not only often charge for their work, they can also pose a threat to your rights and affect your ability to use your own work. Our goals are to help you understand and recognize predatory publishing inquiries. We will discuss how you can investigate publishers and journals so that you do not fall victim to this internet scam, as well as cover how to recognize legitimate open access journals. 

Open Access

As a student, you need the best and most relevant research to support your coursework, but paying for it can be a real drag. The University Libraries believes that you, as a student, should have access to the scholarly research you need to successfully complete research projects, papers, and even theses. We want you to be able to find and access this information even after you graduate--and no longer have access to USC resources. Let us introduce you to open access, a free and open system designed to spread knowledge to lifelong learners. We’ll give you a brief introduction to the subject, talk about the benefits of using open access resources and of making your own work open, and show you how to find and evaluate open access resources. 

Upcoming Workshops and Registration

Below is a calendar with upcoming workshops offered by University Libraries.  The workshops are free but we ask that you register at least 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop.   Do you have a group interested in a workshop?  Contact us at about scheduling a session for your group.


We'll add more dates.  Let us know what days / times work best for you with this quick survey.


You'll find descriptions of the library workshops in the tabs above.  You can also register from the workshop description pages.

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