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Instructional Services

Thomas Cooper Library, Research & Instruction Department, Instructional Services

Research, Instruction, and Reference Department Policy for High School Groups

*This does NOT reflect the policies of other University of South Carolina University Libraries.  

  • Library instruction sessions may be available to high school groups with a research assignment requiring the use of library resources that cannot be satisfied through their school library or local public library.

  • Librarian led instruction sessions may be available from late October through the beginning of final exams (Fall semester) and mid-April through the beginning of final exams (Spring semester). Librarian led sessions may also be available when classes are not in session and during summer semesters.  Please refer to the academic calendar for University of South Carolina class sessions.  

  • The two (2) multimedia classrooms each hold 30 students; larger groups unfortunately cannot be accommodated. You must have at least one adult per 15 students when you bring your students to the library.  Teachers and chaperones are expected to stay with students.

  • If classroom space is available, you may be able to bring your class to Thomas Cooper Library before late October (Fall semester) and mid-April (Spring semester) while classes are in session.  However, we will not begin to schedule classrooms until after the first three weeks of classes and we will not schedule classrooms during final exams.  Librarian led instruction sessions are not available during these times so you will be responsible for covering library resources with your students.  Before you bring your students to Thomas Cooper Library, the group’s instructor(s) will need to visit Thomas Cooper Library beforehand to be trained in the use of the multimedia classroom/s and to meet with a librarian to discuss how to use the research sources needed.

  •  Requests must be made at least three weeks in advance.  We will make every effort to honor your request but we cannot guarantee your requested date/time.

  • Please contact Karen Brown at if you are interested in bringing your high school group to Thomas Cooper Library. 


Research, Instruction, and Reference Department Logistics for High School Groups

  • Be aware that an increasing number of our books are housed off-site in our ANNEX building.  These books must be requested at least one business day ahead of time in order to pick them up at the Thomas Cooper Library circulation desk.

  • Students will need to search the Classic Catalog Search BEFORE coming to the library in order to note the location library, the call number and whether or not the item is in our ANNEX or checked out.  The instructor should email the circulation desk at with a list of items to be retrieved from the ANNEX. 

  •  Students need to have a method (i.e. flash drive) of saving full text online resources.  E-mailing articles from our databases by non-USC patrons is not reliable.

  • Students can use the books here and photocopy the title page and contents needed for their assignment. Printing and photocopying at Thomas Cooper Library costs 10 cents per page and requires the one-time purchase of a printing card for $1.  Money will then have to be loaded to the print card.  Your students should bring some money with them (preferably one dollar bills) if you expect them to photocopy or print articles or chapters in books.  

  • Your students can join the Thomas Cooper Society if they want to check out a book from the library.  Cost is $20.00 for students and can be paid during their visit.