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Desegregation in South Carolina Schools: Allen University and Benedict College


Get a quick overview of Allen University and Benedict College and browse SCPC's relevant holdings below.

Collection Connections

Boxes 16, 27, 48. General records and statistics on integration at educational institutions as well as the Allen University / Benedict College controversies.

Box 1. Includes a political cartoon relating to the firing of faculty at Allen University and Benedict College on allegations of Communist ties.

About Allen University and Benedict College

In 1957, faculty members at Allen University and Benedict College, two all-black institutions in Columbia, South Carolina, were fired for Communist ties.

The William D. Workman Jr. Collection contains the majority of information on the dismissal of the three teachers at each of the schools (Box 27). There are clippings discussing how the schools lost their certifications, as can be seen in “S.C. No Longer To Accept Allen’s Education Courses: No Reasons Are Given For Action” (Box 48). The Walt Lardner Collection contains a political cartoon commenting on this accreditation scandal (Box 1).

Much commentary can be found in the Workman collection about the eventual acceptance of white refugee students at Allen University. Clippings pertaining to a similar situation at Benedict College and relating to USC’s early refusal to accept black students are located in this collection as well (Box 48).