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Copyright: Seeking Permission

You may not need permission if....

Keep in mind that you might not need permission if:

  • your use is within fair use or another copyright exception;
  • the work is not protected by copyright at all; or
  • your use is within the terms of a license agreement, including a Creative Commons license from the author.
  • we have already purchased a license so you can link to the information.

USC Electronic Reserves

The University Libraries will seek and, within reason, pay for permission for items used for teaching in Blackboard. If you would like our help, please email your syllabus or reading list with citations to Mark Volmer at  Visit Electronic Reserves at USC for more information.

Seeking Permission

So, you have determined that the work you want to use is probably not in the public domain, and that it is not available under a Creative Commons license (or that your use is not covered by an existing license). You don't think your use is covered by any of the exceptions or limitations, including fair use (or you just feel unsure whether your use is a fair use.) You may still be able to use the work, if you seek permission.

Seeking copyright permission can be work.   If you're interested in seeking permission, these are the steps you'll need to take:

  • Identify the copyright owner
  • Contact the copyright owner
  • Secure permission
  • Keep records