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GEOG 313: Economic Geography: Selecting Your Product

Find resources for your assignment on the political economy of a product

Preliminary Considerations and Research

Some types of companies will have more information available than others. Spending some time doing preliminary research can save you hours of frustration later in the semester and ultimately affect the success of your final project.

In selecting your product, here are some things to consider:

  • Well-known, popular or common products should have more available information
  • Products with just one or a very few ingredients will limit the commodities you'll need to research
  • Public companies will have much more information available than private companies
  • U.S. companies will usually have more information available than international companies
  • If your company is a subsidiary, you will need to search for information from the parent company as well
  • Larger companies (based on revenue) will generally be easier to research than small companies

You can use these resources to find some basic information about the companies you are considering:

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