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Library Support and Blackboard: Columbia Campus Instructor Support

This guide is to provide access to electronic reserves, affordable learning options for teaching materials for our instructors, and connect to related information in other areas of our library.

Resources for Instructors

Link Builder

Use this to add the Library's proxy prefix to the URL you have for library material.  This will allow off-campus students access.

Reserves in Blackboard

We are happy to help get your course readings into Blackboard.  We can link to online articles, streaming films and other resources, as well as provide scanned images.  We can also provide information about copyright to help you make informed decisions.  

If you'd like help getting your course readings into Blackboard, please email your syllabus to

To find the article and film links yourself search our online journals and databases to find both articles and films that you can use in class.

Affordable Learning Options

The rising cost of textbooks bothers all of us.  We know that faculty care about this issue, but often you don't always have time to investigate alternatives to traditional textbooks.  We're here to help.

We have many ways of finding quality resources to make your course materials affordable for your students without compromising your teaching needs.  The library can help you by finding e-books, articles, streaming video and more.  These resources can be either licensed by us for use in your class or open educational resources.  

We are happy to offer a syllabus review service to help you locate affordable resources. Please fill out the template provided in the email below:


For more information, please contact:

Amie Freeman

Phone: 803-777-2168

Head, Circulation Department

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Tucker Taylor
Circulation Department
Thomas Cooper Library