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What is Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly communication is the system through which scholars create, evaluate, and share the results of their work. Traditionally, researchers write articles and other publications, submit them for review by experts in their field, and publish them to be read by colleagues. Libraries typically provide access to these publications.

In recent years, this traditional form of scholarly communication has become less sustainable as access restrictions and the rising price of journals present barriers to maintaining an effective system. Today, the scholarly communication system is changing to reflect the rise of scholarly materials that are available online free of many price and copyright restrictions. This new system is the foundation for many types of research and scholarship.

Services Offered by the University Libraries

We can provide information about open access (OA), publication agreements and your rights as an author, copyright considerations, investigating low or no cost course materials, or by bringing a workshop to your class or department. Workshops currently offered are:

Open Educational Resources
Copyright in the Classroom
Publishing Your Work: Understanding Your Rights as an Author

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Please navigate the guide for additional information on scholarly communications or contact Amie Freeman to set up a workshop.

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