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Visual Art and Design Research Guide

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Here is an overview of the Library of Congress call numbers for art.  When you find a book take note of the call number and go to the level and call number area in order to locate the book. Take time to browse the shelves as books on the same topic are often shelved together.  You just might find additional books of interest!

  • N         Visual arts (Level 3)
  • NA       Architecture (Level 3)
  • NB       Sculpture (Level 3)
  • NC       Drawing. Design. Illustration (Level 3)
  • ND      Painting (Level 3)
  • NE      Print media (Level 3)
  • NK      Decorative arts (Level 3)
  • NX      Arts in general (Level 3)
  • TR      Photography (Level 4)

Request Books

If the library does not have a book you need, we have services available to help you get it.