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THEA 760: Graduate Text Analysis (Prof. Lehman, Fall 2020)

Play & Playwright

These resources can provide biographical information about a playwright as well as general information about a play.

Play Reviews

When trying to locate play reviews, it is important to know when the play opened as reviews almost always appear after a play opens.  

For scholarly criticism or analysis of a play, please consult the Databases - Top Picks portion of this research guide. 

Below are just a few of many resources available for locating play reviews.  If you are looking for a more recent play, try using a database such as Academic Search Complete or International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance. You are more likely to locate a review in one of the previously mentioned databases if your play was produced after 1980. 

Historical Context

These are examples of just some of the sources available that may be helpful for providing historical context.

Production Histories

Production histories tell you which theatre performed the play, the first performance, etc.  There are many different ways to approach researching a production history.  Things to consider are how well known is the play and when was the play produced.  It's very likely that you will not find a source to find a source that lists every production of a specific play.