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HPEB 300 Resources

Provides resources to assist students in HPEB 300!

Databases for Scholarly Articles

General Guidelines

When searching for articles in the databases:

1.  Explore articles relevant to the United States

Unless otherwise noted by your faculty, look for articles related to the United States.  For certain diseases, risk factors and treatment can vary per country.

2.  Look for risk factors related to the United States, not a specific county within the United States.  On occasion, you will locate an article about risk factors related to a specific state but risk factors are most frequently researched on a broader regional or the national level.

Sample PubMed searches:

lung cancer AND epidemiology AND United States

depression AND risk factors AND college students

3.  Watch the year of publication.  You can limit using the date limiters along the left sidebar.

4.  If you need some background information about the treatment of a condition, check for a practice guideline, consensus report or position statement for an authoritative source.  In PubMed and CINAHL, you can use the limiters.  


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