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Thomas Cooper Library Materials Projects

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if a book I need for my research or teaching is withdrawn?

Books withdrawn as part of this project, whether for low use or poor condition, are available for loan from partner institutions (e.g., via PASCAL Delivers or Interlibrary Loan). Materials in poor condition that circulate frequently will be considered for replacement. We encourage your input in this process, just as we always encourage recommendations to help us build the library’s collections, through our Suggest a Purchase service. You may also discuss your needs with your library liaison.  

What happens to books that are withdrawn?

Books that are in good condition, but have no record of use, may be transferred to a USC department’s custody.  State regulations require special permission to give materials to individual faculty members.  If departments take custody of these items, they will need to secure that permission before distributing them to faculty.  We are working in parallel with PASCAL to identify candidates for transfer to other institutions within our lending network. The remainder will be recycled. 

Why are you replacing high-use print books with eBooks?

Items with a history of regular or recent circulation (or both) will be considered for replacement with eBooks. The use of eBooks has consistently exceeded the use of print books in recent years, and eBooks offer the advantage of being available 24/7 to the USC community from anywhere in the world.  They do not require shelving space or further handling by staff once purchased and activated.  Not every item will be available as an eBook, and in some cases, eBook editions may be too expensive.  We will endeavor to replace such items with another print copy.  If you feel that a print copy is the only acceptable replacement for you, please consider borrowing one (via PASCAL Delivers or Interlibrary Loan).  You can speak with your liaison librarian if you have further concerns. 

I am used to browsing for materials that will no longer be onsite.  How can I find the items I need when they are not in Thomas Cooper Library?

All items that will be sent offsite can still be requested and checked out using Find It @USC, our library catalog. 

We understand that users often browse for materials on shelves.  You can browse virtually for items no matter where they are located. When you find a physical book in Find It, click on the title information then scroll to the bottom of the linked page. The “Browse Library Shelves” section shows items in call number order, often with cover images, regardless of where they are shelved. 

What should I do if a book I wish to check out appears to be damaged?

Please bring the book to the attention of the staff at the Circulation Desk. We will work to get you an alternative copy (e.g., via PASCAL Delivers or Interlibrary Loan).