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Bloomberg Guide: Company Info

Basic guidance on navigating the Bloomberg Terminal, including information on Bloomberg Essentials (aka Bloomberg certification)

Commands for Finding Company Information

Commands used often for company information (all in the EQUITY function):

DES <GO> Descriptive page including a snapshot of fundamental data and management information
BQ <GO> Displays price, trade, earnings, relative value data
CN <GO> Displays all company news
G <GO> Create customized graphs
GPO <GO> Graphs historical prices and moving averages
RELS <GO> Related securities and the capital structure
CRPR <GO> Credit profile, including current and historical credit ratings for an issuer
RV <GO> Relative value for performing customized peer group analysis
ISSD <GO> Displays issuer information, capital structure, and cash flow breakdown
AGGD <GO> Aggregated debt, including institutional exposure to corporate debt
COMP <GO> Comparative returns for your chosen security
CF <GO> Company filings


Equity-specific Commands:

ANR <GO> Displays analyst recommendations
EE <GO> Displays earnings estimates menu

Bond-specific Commands:

YAS <GO> Yield and spread analysis
ALLQ <GO> Liquidity platform of price and yield quotes from contributed sources

Commands for Company Financials

Financial Summary Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> CH1 --> <GO>
Income Statements Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> CH2 --> <GO>
Balance Sheets Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> CH3 --> <GO>
Earnings Estimates Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> EE --> <GO>
Price/Earnings Ratio Table Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> HE --> <GO>
Financial Analysis Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> FA --> <GO>

TIP: For definitions and information on calculations in a company's financial statement, type FDO <GO>

Using Commands for Company Information

Type the ticker symbol of the company and <GO>, or type TK <GO> and the company's name to search for its ticker.

Company description Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> DES --> <GO>
SEC Filings & Forms   Company ticker symbol --> EQUITY --> CF --> <GO>

Changes in Filings

Redline reports detail the changes between the current filing and the last similar filing. They are indicated by this icon: 

For example, the screen below contains Amazon's latest filings. The Redline report icon by their latest 10-Q contains a report that details the changes between this filing and Amazon's last 10-Q filing.