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Using the Historical South Carolina Newspapers Database

Finding Results and Saving Your Work
Keep track of your relevant results. The database has a few built-in features to assist with this. 

  1. Each newspaper page has a persistent link, which can be used when citing the article or paper.  

  2. You can use the scissor icon on the toolbar to clip an image of the newspaper and then either use that persistent link at the bottom of the page or download the item to your computer.

  3. The PDF link at the top of the page will open the entire paper as a PDF and you can save it.

Cite Your Work
The newspapers in these repositories are copy-right free meaning you can use them without permission; however, content you use still needs to be cited in your research.  Use the citation provided under each newspaper image as the basis for your citation, but be sure to format it to the appropriate style.

Finally, although newspapers are quality primary resources, keep in mind the content is not always objective.  Many articles reflect the opinion of the writer, editor, or potential audience at the time.  Be sure to evaluate your results in order to determine possible biases such as an editor's political point of view or the historical context surrounding the content.