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Company Financial Statements: International Companies

Use this guide to find financial statements for all types of organizations--U.S., international, public, private, etc.

USC Databases with Foreign Company Financials

Additional Resources for Financial Information

Points to Remember

Financial information for foreign companies may not be standardized or audited in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (unless obtained through SEC Filing). Read Found in Translation: A Guide to Using Foreign Financial Statements by Susan M. Sorensen and Donald L. Kyle for issues to consider.

Foreign regulations often do not require companies to publicly disclose financial information, so rarely is the information available for free. There are resources for purchasing company financial information, which you may use at your own discretion.

International Companies Operating in the U.S.

Financial statements for international companies may be harder to obtain than those for U.S. companies for a few reasons.

  • International companies may not have the same filing requirements as U.S. companies.
  • Even if required to file, the frequency of filings may differ greatly from U.S. regulations.
  • The variations among countries makes it difficult to find one source to obtain financial statements for foreign companies.

If a foreign company trades on any of the U.S. exchanges, the SEC requires the company to file Form 20-F.