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SEC Filings: Mergent Online

Use this guide to help find SEC Filings using USC databases, as well as online resources like EDGAR

Overview of Mergent Online

Major advantage: ability to download all information in Word, Excel, or PDF format


  • SEC filings that are updated daily
  • Current and previous years’ financial statements
  • Annual reports
  • Company’s organizational structure
  • Auditors and auditor’s qualified reports
  • Long-term debt
  • Subsidiaries
  • Capital stock and dividend payment history

Mergent WebReports

Simple interface for quick searching of a company's:

  • SEC filings
  • Annual reports
  • Bond reports
  • Equity reports

All reports are available for downloading and printing.

Basic Searches for Filings in Mergent

3 ways to search for SEC Filings in Mergent:

1. EFFICIENT: Government Filings tab.

2. QUICK (and you know the company): Basic Search tab

   Note: The company information page will appear and you can then select the Filings tab.

3. COMBINATION (multiple companies or certain criteria): Advanced Search tab

  • Example: search for companies in a specified index (e.g., Fortune 500, NASDAQ, etc.) or by auditor

Specialized Searches

Searching within SEC Filings is best from the GOVERNMENT FILINGS tab search screen

Use the "Text Search" in the Company Search box to search within all EDGAR Documents; can also combine with other search specifications

Example: The search below would result in 10-K Filings with the words "qualified opinion" in the last 12 months

Example Results: