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MAcc at Moore: LexisNexis Academic

Overview of accounting research for MAcc students at USC's Moore School of Business

Connecting to LexisNexis Academic

Advantages of LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic contains SEC Filings for companies, as well as essential accounting resources, including these titles (in electronic format):

Basic Search

Home Screen --> Open Search By Content Type drop-down and select SEC Filings under Companies --> search by company name or ticker

Resources in LexisNexis

Comprehensive Listing of Accounting Resources in LNA-

1. Select Source Directory: BROWSE at top right

2. Select INDUSTRY in the "By" line

3. Filter by country or publication type if desired

4. Select ACCOUNTING & TAX folder in the Category line

Tax Resources

  • Internal Revenue COde--fully browsable
    • Select US LEGAL in left column
    • Select TAX LAW
    • Select "(Browse)" by INTERNAL REVENUE CODE
  • IRS Bulletins, Rulings & Decisions
  • Tax Analysts Publications
  • The Tax Advisor
  • Attorney General Tax Opinions