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IBUS 735 (Saleeby): International M&A Project: ThomsonONE

Deal Information

Find deal information in ThomsonONE in the following ways:

  1. Latest Deals in Company Overview
  2. Selecting COMPANY DEALS in the left column under DEALS.

To get started, search for your company in the top left box. The result will default to the Company Overview; scroll down to find the Latest 5 Deals.

In the latest 5 deals box, you can link to deal details by selecting the icon on the left, or you can select MORE DEALS on the right if the deal you are interested in is not shown.

2. COMPANY DEALS can be found by selecting "Deals" in the left column. This section gives a broader picture of a company's M&A history and allows you to filter deals based on several criteria.

You can scroll down in this screen for a deal list. Notice the icons in the far left column. You can select them to be linked to the Deal Details, Filings, and more.

Deal Details and Filings

Once you click on the Deal Details link, you can navigate to Filings using the tabs at the top of the screen.

Takeover Defense

Information on current and historical takeover defense, as well as poison pills, can be found under Corporate Governance in the left blue column.

Analysts' Reports

The easiest way to navigate to Analysts' Reports for a company is from the default Company Overview screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find a box titled Latest 5 Research Reports. Click on the Complete List link to the right.

Once you select the report you are interested in by clicking on the page icon, you will have a pop-up that requires you to check the box next to Select All Reports, and then you click on View.