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MGSC 487 (Gaffney): Sourcing Project: Suppliers

Other Resources

  1. Companies sometimes mention their supply chain practices in their annual reports or 10-Ks. Find a company's recent 10-K filing and search (Ctrl + F) for terms like supply chain, logistics, purchasing, etc. For help finding a company's filings, see the SEC Filings guide.
  2. Look for case studies or books on your company (link to Catalog).
  3. Search magazines, newspapers, and journals in the databases linked below.

Suppliers in Bloomberg

Bloomberg's Supply Chain module can be accessed by typing SPLC <GO> if you already have a company selected. If not you will first need to select a company by typing and then SPLC.

Supply Chain data includes customer, supplier, and competitive relationship to track a company's performance against peers. It can be viewed in chart or table form. See the Bloomberg Guide for more information on using the terminal.