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IBUS 402 (Erickson) : Cultures & Consumers

Resources for your assignments in Professor Erickson's International Marketing course


Reference Resources for Cultural Information

SAGE Reference Online and Gale Virtual Library contain several useful reference books that can be accessed online and will helpful in developing a basic understanding of a country's culture.

Examples of Reference Resources

Examples of the books found in SAGE and Gale Virtual.

Consumer Lifestyles

Online Resources

Consulting firms focusing in international activities will often publish reports that will contain useful information for understanding consumers and cultures in other countries.

Other useful organizations to consider include associations, think tanks, and foreign government websites.

Below are some example resources, but you should try others from similar resources (be sure to evalute the website for accuracy, currency, authority, and objectivity).

Books at USC

There is a lengthy series of "Culture and Customs" books in print at Thomas Cooper Library. See the catalog listing for your region.