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IBUS 402 (Erickson) : Anthropology

Resources for your assignments in Professor Erickson's International Marketing course

Useful Databases

Resources at TCL (Main Library)

TCL (the main campus library) contains a print section of anthropological resources that are great for browsing. Visit Level 2 and look for the range of books with Call #s beginning with GN.

You can also stop at the front reference desk to ask for help from a reference librarian.

Catalog Search

Classic Catalog Search

Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search

Using the drop-down menu you may choose to search All USC Libraries or a specific library or collection. Choose Columbia Cooper Educational Films to see what films the library has available.

  • Keyword Searching Tips:
  • and - both terms must be present (Ex: kinship and power
  • or - either term may be present (Ex: women or female)
  • * - truncation (Ex: Politic* - will find politics, political, etc.)

Be aware that the way you describe your topic is likely different than the way Library of Congress describes your topic. Library of Congress uses the term "Indians of North America" instead of "Native Americans". Searching for a particular ethnic group is recommended, ex. Catawba Indians.

General Call # area for Anthropology: GN (Level 2)

Finding Ethnographies in USC libraries

Thomas Cooper Library collects a series of ethnographies called Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology. Search for the title "Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology" to find a list of these titles.

You can also try a keyword search for the name of the culture and the word "Ethnography" or "Ethnology". (Although Ethnology is a broader term, catalogers often use these terms interchangably when assigning subject headings.) Ex. ethnology and tonga OR ethnography and tonga

You can also browse our print copies of American Ethnologist, American Anthropologist, British Anthropology Journal, etc for reviews of ethnographies.