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E-Books @ USC Columbia: E-Books @ USC-Columbia

Types of E-Books Available

Most of the e-books we have access to are academic, research based, books in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, and engineering.  Though you may find access to some fiction books, especially older texts that are in the public domain, you will probably not find popular, current fiction books in e-book form at this time. 

Off Campus Access

Each time you access a digital resource through the library, you will be asked to authenticate through our proxy server.

This is what you can expect to see when you select a link to one of our e-books : 

If you are seeing something different than this or you are having any trouble logging in to view an e-book, please contact a librarian

E-Books at USC

University Libraries has access to over 100,000 electronic books.  These books can be accessed via the library catalog as well as various online search platforms.  This guide covers how to search for and access e-books, how to use the content found, as well as other issues surrounding the use of e-books at USC.  

Accessing E-Books

When searching or browsing the catalog, you may run across several e-book entries.  It is important to note that unless you set the catalog to search just Columbia Campus libraries, you may run across e-books that are only accessible to different campuses such as USC Aiken, USC Beaufort, etc.  Despite these being online sources, we do not have access to them because the Columbia campus did not pay for these items.  So to ensure that you are able to access a certain e-book, look for the location of the book and if it is listed as Columbia Internet, then you will be able to access the full e-book.  If you do find an e-book that you need that is only available as an e-book at a different campus, please contact a librarian to try to retrieve a copy.