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Desegregation in South Carolina Schools


Welcome to the South Carolina Political Collections (SCPC) subject guide for Desegregation and Related Events in South Carolina Schools. Please use the tabs along the side to explore relevant material from our holdings: "Collection Connections." If you have any questions or comments about this guide please contact us.

This guide provides a selection of key collections, but should not be treated as an exhaustive list. Be sure to check out our finding aids and click on the links in this guide to review the entire collections. 

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  • Orangeburg Massacre: On February 8, 1968, South Carolina Highway Patrol opened fire on a group of approximately 200 protestors demonstrating against racial segregation on South Carolina State University's campus.
  • Harvey Gantt: Harvey Gantt was the first African American student at Clemson University.
  • Allen University and Benedict College: In 1957, faculty members at Allen University and Benedict College, two all-black institutions in Columbia, South Carolina, were fired for Communist ties.
  • School Desegregation: South Carolinians had a variety of responses to the desegregation of schools across the state.
  • Opposition to Desegregation: Throughout the twentieth century, particularly in the 1950s, white South Carolinians pushed back against desegregation efforts.