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State Education in South Carolina


Get a quick overview of South Carolina state higher education and browse SCPC's relevant holdings below.

Collection Connections

Box 2. General correspondence related to Clemson University (1963-65) and general correspondence related to University of South Carolina (1963-65) and Winthrop College (1965).
Box 11. Documents related to feasibility of additional public college (1965-70), SC Higher Education Commission (1965-68), South Carolina Education Council (1967-70), Educational Finance Commission (1965-68), Francis Marion State College Board of Trustees appointments (1969), Committee to Study the State Assisting or Acquiring Lander College (1970), Committee to Study the Feasibility of Establishing a Liaison between college and public school system (1963), Committee to Investigate Effectiveness of Scholarships for Medical Students (1967-68), South Carolina State College Board of Trustees documents (1967-70), University of South Carolina Board of Trustees appointments (1964-70), Committee to Study Feasibility of Establishing Medical and Dental Schools at University of South Carolina (1964), Membership Council of Carolinas Regional Education Laboratory (1966), Winthrop College gubernatorial appointments documents (1966), and Committee to Study the Feasibility of Making Winthrop Co-Education (1969).
Box 37. Various gubernatorial documents related to higher education (1966-71).
Box 42. Documents related to study unrest at Voorhees College (1968-70), general correspondence regarding Winthrop College (1965-1970) and Wofford College (1969-70),
Southern Regional Education Board general documents (1965-70), and Regional Education Laboratory for the Carolinas and Virginia (1965-69).
Box 63. Gubernatorial documents related to the Commission on Higher Education (1965-1970).

Box 2. Speech on nomination of John Lindsey to serve on Winthrop Board of Trustees.
Box 6. Constituent letters regarding coeducational status of Winthrop College (1970), letters and documents related to visit of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat (1979), letters regarding elections of University of South Carolina trustees (1991-92), records related to departure of Clariosophic and Euphradian Societies (1986), documents related to annual alumni giving (1986), letters regarding General Studies Program at USC (1981), South Carolina State College trustee elections (1992), and Clemson University Board of Trustees election (1992), and letters and documents related to Citadel Trustees elections (1980).

Box 1. Personal letters regarding Trustee candidates of both USC and Clemson (1963)
and SC Medical College (1965), and letters and documents regarding nursing education (1963-1966).
Box 2. Letters involving Governor Donald Russell’s trip to California to examine higher education (1965), documents and letters related to proposed second medical school in Greenville (1967), various documents related to state support of private education (1967-70), personal letters between college faculty and presidents and Lt. Gov. West, regarding state funding and federal laws (1967-1969), and documents and letters regarding tuition grant program (1967-1970).
Box 3. Documents regarding state funding of new USC buildings (1967-1968), constituent responses regarding student demonstrations at USC (1970), letters regarding development of regional USC campuses (1969), letters and documents regarding Winthrop College being made coeducational (1968), documents regarding investigation of various state scholarship programs (1967-1970), documents regarding National Defense Student Loan Fund (September 1970), study of Student Financial Aid in South Carolina, by Commission on Higher Education (April 1969), and use of various Title I funds from Higher Education Act of 1965 (1970).

Box 4. Speech proclaiming Higher Education Week and naming professor of the year (October 10, 1988), and speech at inauguration of new president of SC State (c. 1988).
Box 5. Remarks upon induction in Beta Gamma Sigma at USC (April 30, 1990) and the inauguration of new president of Winthrop University (October 18, 1990).
Box 7. Speech to College of Charleston Convocation (1992), and Governor’s remarks at Governor’s Higher Education Summit (1991).
Box 8. Speech at dedication of USC Music Center (Feb. 16, 1993).
Box 19 (clippings). News related to “The Cutting Edge” education reform law of South Carolina (1988).
Box 21 (clippings). News regarding Gov. Campbell and higher education (1987-1994), and USC President Holderman and Campbell (1987-1991).

Box 2. Letters regarding general higher education while in US Senate (1965-66).
Box 9. Report on improving cooperation between higher education institutions (1960).
Box 15. Progress Report of the President, Clemson University (1961) and University of South Carolina (1961), personal letters to administration of Clemson University (1962), Medical College of South Carolina (1960), Board of Trustees of Medical College of South Carolina (1960), and Annual Report of the President, Medical College of SC (1959 and 1960).

Box 6. Contains documents related to National Defense student loan program (1966).
Box 16. Includes records related to USC Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee (1957-1961), documents and letters related to other scholarships (1956-66), Higher Education Commission Moody Report (1968), general letters and documents on Higher Education Commission (1968-1975), letters related to Duke University Endowment, and general correspondence on education (1955-61). 
Box 17. Personal letters and correspondence regarding University of South Carolina (1947-1975), records about the University of South Carolina Educational Foundation (1958), letters regarding USC regional campus in Spartanburg (1967-1970), and letters regarding raising money for Wofford College (1958-1960).
Box 19. Invitation letters while serving as President of USC (1952-57).

Box 2. Documents and correspondence related to Wofford College (1954).

Box 53. Documents related to Clemson and Wofford Colleges (1956).