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EDML 471: Content Area Reading and Writing in the Middle Level: Best Books

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Add sucz to a keyword search to limit your results to books in the Juvenile Collection in Thomas Cooper Library.

There isn't a way to limit your search by grade or reading level.  Click on the title of the book.  The number of pages might be a clue, but you'll probably have to look at the book and make your own judgment or search for reviews of the book.

It's easiest to find the books in our children's area if you have the call number and the book title.  Once you are close to the right call number area, it will be faster to read the titles on the spines of the books than to look at the specific call numbers.

When you search other library catalogs, look for limits.  For example once you do a search in Richland Library's catalog you can limit to Children's Fiction or Children's Non-fiction.  Or include juvenile or children's as words in your search.  Often times children's books have been tagged with terms like juvenile literature, juvenile fiction, juvenile works, children's stories or children's poetry as subject terms.


Searching Strategies

Be prepared to use different words for the same idea.  For example:  democracy or government, statistics or probability


You can use a wildcard in a keyword search to find different endings for a word.  math*  will find math, mathematical, mathematics


Think about the larger context.  Maybe we don't have many entire books about Roman numerals, but can you find an appropriate book about numbers or ancient Rome that you could use?

Find Recommended Sources

Search these databases to identify sources.  All can be limited either by grade level, age or Lexile range.

"Best books" is a subject term in the library catalog.  This keyword search was for best books with juvenile, young adult or teen*A few are listed below. 

These books below were found by a keyword search in the library catalog, juvenile literature bibliography  There are a lot more so take a look for yourself!


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