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EDRD 796/LING 796: Home

This guide is for EDRD 796/LING 796 "Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Learners: Theory and Practice"


The tabs above will lead you to quality resources for Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Learners: Theory and Practice. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations about this guide please let me know.  

Marilee Birchfield



Creating Searches

Constructing a Keyword Search

and both terms must be present

second language and cultural differences

or either term may be present

cultural differences or multilingualism

group terms joined by OR

(cultural differences or multilingualism) and second language

* wildcard, finds characters beyond the root word (some databases have other symbols)

minorit*   finds minority, minorities

Concentrate on searching with descriptors or subject terms. Look for them in a record or search for them if the database (such as ERIC or LLBA) has a thesaurus.

Sometimes less is more. If you search has a lot of aspects to it, focus on a few of the most important concepts.