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EDTE 857

General advice

Your search strategies may vary depending on: how unique is the scholar's name, has the scholar's name changed while he/she has been publishing, is your scholar really prolific or at an early stage.

When searching for articles written by a scholar, see if the database has an author index and select from it.  If not, clue in to how the database lists authors.  For example, should you search with initials or full first name?

Writings by your scholar

How others use your scholar's work

Want some background on the issues your scholar researches?  When searching Find It@USC Libraries in "Articles, books and more" besides looking at the immediate results, check the Resources Type filter, Reference entries.

Biographical Background
Start with Google, but sources found through the library could add to your understanding.  When searching Find It@USC Libraries, search with your scholar's name in "Articles, books and more" then check the Resources Type filter, Reference entries.