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Film Reviews: Home

This guide has been created to assist library users in locating film reviews.

Film Review Basics

When trying to locate film reviews, it is important to know the film's release date. If you do not know the release date of your film, consult the Internet Movie Database. To link to this database, go to

Printable Guide

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Electronic Resources

Below you will find links to many of the Library's databases that include film reviews. Beneath each link you will find instructions on how to focus on locating film reviews.   

Film Review Resources in Print





1958 – 1977

Cooper Ref PN1993 F555

Film Review Index


1882 - 1985


Cooper Ref Z5784. M9 F513 1986

Guide to Critical Reviews IV The Screenplay

1963 - 1980

Cooper Ref Z5782 S342

Index to Critical Film Reviews

? - 1975


Cooper Ref Z5784 M9 B64


An index to short and feature film reviews in the Moving picture world : the early years, 1907-1915


1907 - 1915


Cooper Ref Z5784 M9 D33 1955


New York Times Film Reviews


1913 - 2000


Cooper Ref PN1995 N4


Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals


1930 – 1971


Cooper Ref Z5784 M9 B39


Variety Film Reviews


1907 - 1994


Cooper Ref PN1995 N34 1983



Note:  This guide contains a sampling of the many resources used to find film reviews.  If you are unable to locate your film review in one of these resources, please Ask a Librarian for further assistance.