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EDRD 445: Hidden Figures: Children's Books

Catalog Searching Advice

Try different key words and many searches!  Zero in on your subject, but also think about broader terms.  For example, search freedom riders sucz but also search civil right* united states sucz     The asterisk * is a wildcard and will find different endings to words.

sucz is a code for the children's books section on level 1 of Thomas Cooper Library.


Expand your circle with some big searches.  The catalog subject terms are sometimes different than the words we typically use.  Indians of North America instead of Native Americans for example.

(africa or egypt*) sucz

"indians of north america" sucz

civil right* african american* sucz

(hispanic american* or latin*) sucz

Other Libraries

The sucz trick is just for Thomas Cooper Library.  Use the word juvenile in keyword searches when you are looking for children's books from other libraries.

Finding Children's Books with the Library Catalog

Classic Catalog Search
Classic Catalog Search

Advanced Search

Add sucz to a keyword search if you want to limit your results to books in the Juvenile Collection in Thomas Cooper Library, Columbia


You can then modify the search if you want books published after a certain date, or use the Advanced Keyword form. 


If you want books published in 2010 or after, in our catalog enter year: after 2009 (otherwise it won't include books published in 2010)


Click on the title of the book.  There might be clues as to the grade level, but you may have to either look at the book or search for the title in one of the databases in the "Identifying books" box above.


Have the call number and book title for children's books.  Once you get close to area on the shelf for small books it will be easier to read the title on the spine of the book.


For all the USC library catalogs, add search terms to this search

The words juvenile (ex. juvenile literature, juvenile fiction, juvenile works) or children's (ex. children's stories, children's poetry) are usually in the subject terms for children's books.

Ideas for Activities

We have more books like these.  Search the library catalog by keyword with the name of your group and the term activity programs.  Remember, the catalog may use different terms for your group.  Hispanic instead of Latino/a, Indians of North America instead of American Indian.


Reader's Theatre

If our copy is checked out, click the PASCAL Delivers link to see if you can get a copy from another academic library in the state.  You can have it sent here.